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THOR - Anabolic


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THOR - Anabolic


THOR - Anabolic

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Depending on dose, take one cap in the morning or/and at night. 
5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin
Laxogenin, often considered the best natural anabolic plant-based muscle-building supplement for bodybuilders and athletes.
Also known as "5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin", Laxogenin is a naturally-occurring plant anabolic compound that mirrors the results of traditional prohormones, but without the liver toxicity and all-too-common side effects.
There's a reason TowerGuard doesn't hide behind proprietary blends - our active ingredients and their respective dosages are known to be highly effective in enhancing a number of muscle-building benefits, most notably:
1          Increased Strength & Power Output
2          Increased Protein Synthesis (up to 200%)
3          Increased Nitrogen Retention
4          Increased Lean Muscle Mass
5          Enhanced Muscle Cell Recovery
6          Zero Liver Toxicity
7          Regulated Cortisol Levels
8          Safe & Legal for NCAA and Olympic Athletes
9          Doesn't Require PCT, Cycle Support, or Estrogen Blocker
Towerguard Supplement

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